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We bring clarity and safety to pharmaceutical knowledge, simply.

Xircle prioritises safety and simplicity in bringing universal access to pharmaceutical knowledge to healthcare practitioners and patients. Apply treatments more safely with AI, empowering healthcare.

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Continuously grow and improve

MAY – 2022
8.311 21.865 12 Documents indexed and annotated Users served 2.750 Compounds 2.500 Package Leaflets Industry partners 8.311 Product information IN PIPELINE IN PIPELINE

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Empowering business with
smart pharmaceutical AI.

Offer Smart Services to Customers – Safely

Create a seamless customer experience with the Xircle AI knowledge and service companion. Streamline medical information and improve your processes.

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Engage Effectively with Customers – Digitally

Launch products smarter by understanding their critical needs and interests. Optimise multi-channel engagement with all stakeholders of the patient care pathway.

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Support HCPs and Patients – Instantly

Improve medical safety and make your content easily accessible. Reach customers by publishing dedicated content on the Xircle Knowledge Platform.

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»Xircle Assist is a big help. The platform has definitely helped our support team, dealing with most queries. The help is so specific, it’s amazing.«

Xircle Assist Customer

Meet our management –Friedrich, Guido, and Thomas


The Xircle team is here to help

We strive for end-to-end knowledge and application and our team mirrors that vision. Supporting you and your patients, our highly experienced team incorporates the valuable skills and perspectives of developers, designers, doctors, and healthcare industry experts.

Meet our management –Friedrich, Guido, and Thomas– whose vision, insight and ethos of learning drives the Xircle forward.

Meet the Team
Xircle Team


With a team of agile-minded individuals

The atmosphere at Xircle HQ is often abuzz with fresh ideas and thought-provoking concepts. Founded on the ethos of “build, measure, learn”, it comes with the territory.

At our office in B-Part at Gleisdreieck Park, Berlin, we’re rethinking tomorrow through new ways of working and thinking.

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Read our latest news, thoughts and discoveries.

Creating a new kind of medical customer experience? A look behind the scenes.

By designing a lean digital service for physicians, the pharmaceutical industry can efficiently support physicians and enable them to improve patient outcomes.

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Drug Launch Readiness (Part 3): Support Your Customer

Real-time medical inquiry, high-quality treatment support and continuous digital engagement OR how to turn a simple question into customer loyalty? Read the article of our CEO Guido. … Read more on LinkedIn

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