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Integrated Life Science x Technology

Build, measure, learn – It’s our focus here at Xircle HQ in the heart of Berlin. Our entrepreneurs are all about ideas and are always open to new perspectives.

At Xircle, we believe that access to valuable medical and pharmaceutical knowledge should  be easy – for everyone, whenever it’s required. This is what drives us in building our easy-to-use technology. As a result, Xircle brings clarity and safety into healthcare, empowering people and empowering healthcare.

Our latest job offers.

Software Tester (x/f/m)

New apps and online services are your thing? You find software development fascinating and you are obsessed with details? You would like a role with responsibility in their creation process? Does that sound like you? Keep reading.

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Senior Frontend Developer / React (x/f/m)

Have you successfully built web applications using technologies like React, Angular, or Vue.js? Are you a perfectionist but pragmatic enough to know when it’s done?

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Senior Backend Developer / Node.js (x/f/m)

Do you love to create high-quality code? Optimizing applications for speed and scalability thrills you? Are you a perfectionist, but pragmatic enough to know when it's done?

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Lead UX/UI Product Designer (x/f/m)

Drive product discovery from the design perspective jointly with the product team to reach product market fit for our pharmaceutical knowledge platform.

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Our Office at B-Part am Gleisdreieck

B-Part – Where the future is being made. It’s the new city lab focussed on ways to work and live, situated on the project site of the future Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck. 
Offers 1,000 square metres of space, the temporary timber construction at Gleisdreieck Park lets anyone experiment with new ways of living and working in a changing city. Let’s rethink tomorrow.