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Instantly Support Healthcare Practitioners and Patients

Improve medical safety for customers who want to learn more about your therapy by publishing your dedicated content on the smart Xircle Knowledge Platform


Your Smart, Digital Service Offering Intuitive, Real-time Customer Support

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Offer support while physicians verify a prescription

On xircle.com, you can reach healthcare practitioner customers while they’re looking for your drug – exactly when they need you most. In addition, our platform is regulatory and drug advertising law compliant.

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Maximise patient safety

Inform, educate, help. Xircle Reach helps to offer more educational content to health care professionals. Increase patient safety and reduce application errors.

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Make your latest content easy to find 

Promote ease-of-access to your educational content. With Xircle Reach, you can make it easier for healthcare practitioners to find the latest manufacturer information on your product.

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How can Xircle Reach help your business?

Reach – Build Trust and Improve Medical Safety

Instantly deliver scientific, educational, and regulatory pharmaceutical information - directly to your customers. Powered by adaptive AI, Xircle Reach is your smart, customer-centric platform providing relevant, useful information the moment a drug is prescribed. As a result, your customers will have access to important pharmaceutical information – simply and in real-time. Make treatments safer and build trust between you and your customers by offering valuable medical information – anywhere, anytime.

Provide smart, intuitive AI and human-powered customer service from the Xircle Knowledge Platform.

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First Steps

Reach – Let’s Make Use of Medicine Safer

Are you a medical affairs manager, brand manager, or multi-channel marketing manager in the pharmaceutical industry? We’re looking to collaborate! Since Xircle Reach is currently an early-stage beta product, we’re constantly working to refine the service. 

Would you like to be a pilot partner as we shape Xircle Reach? Let’s share our expertise and work to overcome the collective challenges in our fields as we work together and build a new, intuitive service for medical customers.

Let’s collaborate to build the future of pharmaceutical AI

Get in touch with us to become a pilot partner as we refine Xircle Reach. Together, we can create a smart, customer-centric platform for safer, better-informed use of medicine.