Your Smart, Streamlined Medical Information Solution

Offer individual support to your HCPs and instantly deliver scientific and educational pharmaceutical information with human-powered services.


What can Xircle Assist do for you?

Streamlining medical information with AI

How does Xircle help your team focus on what matters? With Natural Language Processing (NLP) to answer up to 60% of your questions, escalate only questions that need individual support. 

Advanced digital monitoring of medical requests

Prioritising safety, Xircle AI and human support work to easily monitor digital interactions and to support pharmacovigilance and comply with regulatory standards. Maximise productivity, securely.

Evolve and improve with new data after each request

The power of customer interactions creates stories. Enrich your knowledge base by adapting to evolving, holistic medical customer perspectives. Data analysis is aligned with current privacy standards.

How can Xircle Assist help your business?

Assist – Simplify Processes and Improve Service

Simplify your work processes in a medical information setting daily. How? Let Xircle Assist offer you the benefit of a 24/7 therapy-focused support platform. Therapy success and safety is significantly improved with our AI-powered question-answer concept. For healthcare practitioners and patients, information is accessible instantly – improving the efficiency and safety of innovative treatments.

With Xircle Assist, a comprehensive therapy knowledge base is always available.

First Steps

Getting Started Easily with Xircle Assist

Take the first step in creating a single-service destination for your product portfolio. Xircle Assist, helps you create a cutting-edge customer experience. 

Intent Training (FAQ) – Driven by authentic, real-world questions

  • Your product will address real concerns with FAQs from Healthcare practitioners and patients.
  • Offer focused support by understanding localised and regional differences, specific customer needs, and information requests.

Simplifying platform integration

  • Provide seamless, improved support for customers
  • Increase service quality and response time significantly
  • Offer continuous service

Let’s work to help others better

Simplify support for healthcare practitioners and patients and make work easier. Work with Xircle Assist to streamline each day.

»When it comes to complex scientific, educational and regulatory content, Xircles Assist has proven to be the best-in-class user experience. We couldn't find any better solution while doing our initial vendor research.«

Xircle Assist Customer