Effective Digital Customer Engagement for Healthcare Practitioners

Launch products smarter by understanding their critical needs and interests. Optimise multi-channel engagement with all stakeholders of the patient care pathway.


Collaborate with Impact – Create Relevant Engagement with Data-Driven Expertise

Launch smart – engage with customers early

Let’s create an early customer experience – from strategy and set-up, to implementation and analytics – together. Digitally boost your go-to-market strategy from launch. 

Improve engagement performance – effectively

Track and understand the patient care pathway, identify leverage points for engagement and discover the impact of different channels. Know your customer to bring them relevant content on demand and on a preferred channel.

Gain customer insight and make strategic decisions

Focus on data-driven understanding from key players and early adopters. Discover their therapeutic views and engagement patterns. Map key targets and select strategic medical partners – efficiently.

How can Xircle Engage help your business?

Engage – Harness Data to Shape Your Market, Early

With Xircle Engage, you’ll effectively and efficiently understand customers and other stakeholders. Using smart, data-driven techniques, Xircle Engage helps to provide pharmaceutical companies with the competitive edge – launch your brand and shape your market from the pre-launch stage. Gain superior, detailed insight by harnessing new sources of information in a data-rich environment.

Engage early and effectively – win at launch.

First Steps

Start Effectively with Xircle Engage

Change the way you understand customer engagement. We understand that you value detailed, holistic insight into your target demographic. With Xircle Engage, collaborate with an  interdisciplinary team to achieve comprehensive insight to create your strategy. We'll collaborate to create your digital strategy using our aggregate medical, customer-centricity, technology, marketing, and service design expertise.

From pre-launch strategy to implementation and analytics, Xircle Engage provides all the tools you need for an effective digital customer engagement strategy.

Let’s maximise your launch impact

Understand your customers better from a holistic, data-driven approach. Plan your strategy with Xircle Engage to launch and engage smarter.

“We decided to work with the Xircle Engage team to understand how we could better prepare and support our launch digitally this time! We managed to create an authentic digital customer experience even before Day 1.

And – we won a company wide digital award with the project.”

Xircle Engage Customer