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Guido Axmann

Guido Axmann, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Guido Axmann

Thomas Chille

Chief Technology Officer

Guido Axmann

Christian Baechler

Head of Business Development

Guido Axmann

Steffani Wilde

Head of Engagement Strategy

Guido Axmann

Ralf Chille

Head of UX and Design

Guido Axmann

Caroline Nieto

Head of Operations

Advisory Board

Guido Axmann

Friedrich Gause

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Guido Axmann

Dr. Ulrich Mühlner

Member of the Supervisory Board

Guido Axmann

Gabriel Enczmann

Member of the Supervisory Board

Medical Advisors und Investors

Claudio Carboni

Dr. Patrick Dufner

Dr. Tobias Gilomen

Prof. Dr. Christian Gratzke

Prof. Dr. Patric Kröpil

Jens Miedke

Dr. Aileen Mitchell

Business Advisors und Investors

Marcus Bergler

Dr. Daniel Geiger

Dr. Michael Geiger

Dr. Arndt Neuhaus

Sven Rawe

Dr. Oliver von Quast