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Unbiased, Ethical, Transparent – How we build the future of pharmaceutical knowledge retrieval to keep patients safe

Xircle AI – How does it works
AI Content


Your Pharmaceutical AI – Content Driven, Smart Solutions

Xircle AI is driven by content. With access to reliable, trusted content, our AI gathers all available pharmaceutical data – far more efficient and reliable than humanly possible.

Xircle examines medical demands holistically, with regulatory and manufacturer knowledge recognised alongside healthcare practitioners' experience.

Content integration is guided by these principles:

  • Safety first
  • Relevancy for users
  • Progressive usability
  • Unbiased and holistic
  • Actuality and reliability

All content is traceable and subject to quality assurance. This is industry-specific Natural Language Processing (NLP/AI) – finding pharmaceuticals answers.

AI Training


Training Xircle AI for All – Sourcing Holistic Knowledge

It is critical to keep things in perspective. A more holistic viewpoint is preferable. The medical community is as diverse as it is vital. Drawing on the collective expertise of physicians in private practice, clinical experts, pharmacists, manufacturers, and even patients, we constantly perfect our AI to serve you and keep patients safe.

Our AI training is crowdsourced. Our AI is trained to understand and provide meaning when answering your questions with this perspective.

The future of pharmaceutical AI is trained and perfected together, starting today.

AI Transparancy


Ethical AI – Transparency Made Future-proof

Trust and fairness are at the core of Xircle. Therefore, our AI functions transparently with observable processes.

Trusted AI is underpinned by data quality and model accuracy that is compliant and secure. Xircle continuously works to eliminate bias and prioritise fairness, while ensuring privacy.

Continuously improving, Xircle AI is guided by a specialist advisory board - including medical, tech, and regulatory professionals. Our AI demonstrates that a future-proof platform can be transparent with pharmaceutical insight and industry foresight.

Xircle – Pharmaceutical Knowledge Platform


Simplicity in Healthcare – The Xircle Spirit

Xircle makes access to pharmaceutical knowledge simple – the way it should be. Why? To enable patients to receive the best possible treatment safely. One platform, one service – Xircle AI offers precision and clarity answers to your pharmaceutical questions. With the health and well-being of your patients – or yourself – at hand, we ensure relevant and comprehensive information is accessible quickly and clearly.

Xircle offers first-hand, empirical know-how when prescribing and using drugs – directly from manufacturers, trusted public sources, and reliable regulatory content.

Treat and prescribe the most innovative and appropriate therapies more safely. Understand the drugs you use more clearly with Xircle AI. Keep your patients safe!

Experience the simplicity of powerful AI

As a healthcare professional, medical institute, or organisation at the forefront of healthcare, you know the value of clarity. Empower the community. Empower healthcare. 

Join the Xircle journey.